Dr. Yazmine Marimon is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida and holds a License in Psychology from Havana University. Her love to the field of Human Psychology has increased during the 10 last years of her practice as a therapist. Dr. Marimon has helped many people to:

  • Achieve personal growth

  • Heal from the past

  • Create a prospect future

  • Strengthen the emotional and sexual connection in couples

  • Recovery from addiction

Dr. Marimon creates a professional and empathetic relationship in a colaborative environment. She develops a personalized plan according to your needs and goals.

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Therapy for Addiction

Addiction is a disease of the brain because it affects neurotransmission...


Substance Abuse Evaluation

Ms. Marimon is a substance abuse profesional (SAP) qualified to...



Yazmine has created individual and group workshops to learn about sex,...