Couples Therapy

In the last years, therapist Yazmine Marimon has found a great success in her work with couples using a revolutionary approach: Encountered Center Couples therapy (ECT).

ECT helps couples experience reconnection and enjoyment. This approach is based on Imago Therapy, Relational Neurobiology, Appreciative Inquiry, Buber’s Philosophy, recent findings about the “brain in love”, memory re-consolidation and the creation of a safe space that allows the couple to be fully present for each other.

For more information about this revolutionary approach you can listen to the following Ted Talk video from her founder Hedy Schleifer.

Memory re-consolidation

According to recent neuroscience research, the brain has a key to unlocked synapses, implicit memories and emotions created during childhood and previous experiences. This type of brain neuroplasticity is called “memory reconsolidation” and allows the creation of a new transformational learning while erasing an old one.

The temporary “reconsolidation window” was demonstrated to be a 5 hour window where the old learning can be unlearned, or replaced by new learning. This is a natural brain process. For this reason, Centered Couples Therapy as well as other types of therapy such as EMDR break with the traditional approach of the one hour therapy.

How can I help you

  • Is your relationship in crisis, broken or in need of healing?
  • Is your relationship suffering from an affair or from another breach of trust?
  • Do you want to take your relationship to the next level of maturation?
  • Do you want to go from power struggle to intimate connection?
  • Affairs, addictions, lack of intimacy, lack of sexual communication can erode a relationship.

The survival dance:

Healing is possible because of the brain’s capacity to create new neuropathways in connection with your partner. In this process, the couple learns to be in their essences and to be conscious of their “survival dance”.

All intensive couples are structured in 4 sessions (3 hours each) or two days (5- 6 hours each day).

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