Divorce and Communication

Breaking through the divorce: the “conscious uncoupling”.

The idea of conscious uncoupling is to gain enough self-awareness so that we can understand the targets inside us that are responsible for the reactions and frustrations in the relationship.

Would you like to have a better communication with your partner even though you are thinking about divorce or separation?

Ms. Marimon has developed a series of four sessions of 3 -4 hours each, or two intensive days (5 -6 hours each) where you will learn to say good bye in a healthy and respectful way.

During these sessions couples work through their unresolved emotions.

Yazmine has helped many couples to create a safe place for the children, the family and for the relationship after the separation or during the process of divorce.

You will learn the contributions from both partners to the disconnection in the relationship.

In healing, the unhealthy relational pattern will reveal and will change for a positive future.

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