Elite V.I.P Concierge

Therapy for High Profile Individuals

Dr. Yazmine Marimon has created Elite VIP concierge program to offer psychotherapy, coaching and counseling services for the discerning clients that value their time and privacy. This service is intended for celebrities, public figures and C-level executives who need more discretion about their personal and professional life.

Clients who have been in sessions with Dr. Yazmine know that her treatment already includes a level of VIP attention and care. She is dedicated and fully present in her sessions.

She understands the high level of stress and the demands of many professions and careers that often includes: constantly traveling for work commitments, responding to different expectations and having a huge sense of work, personal and social responsibility.

Stress is accompanied by anxiety, perfectionism, creative blockages, fears, and external pressuring factors that have a negative impact on the person’s life and profession.

For these reasons, Dr. Yazmine offers a unique concierge service modality for those clients that need discretion about their emotional and sexual health. She provides a level of care beyond the limits of traditional therapy including FLEXIBITY in scheduling appointments, the AVAILABILITY of her time, and the easy access to services according to the needs of the client.

Dr. Yazmine is aware of the need of confidentiality and privacy for clients that manage a high public profile such as celebrities, actors, athletes, business leaders, politicians, and media personalities.

Dr. Yazmine provides services in English and Spanish.

Accessibility And Privacy

The ELITE VIP concierge service of Dr. Yazmine provides off-site sessions, online sessions and customized intensives (2-6 hour sessions) to accommodate the needs of the client and their particular situations. Services may be provided in your home, office, on the set, or another location of your choice. Traveling options, extended hours, weekends, and holidays are also offered with the Word Premium option.


Dr. Yazmine tries to limit the number of clients to prioritize the time dedicated to Elite Vip concierge clients. These clients can benefit from extended hours, late evenings, and weekends. There is no waiting room to schedule appointments. Session times are extended: Instead of a standard 45- or 50-minute session, ELITE VIP concierge clients receive sessions from 2 hours s to 4 hours as part of the service.

The duration of the session is based on the therapy, coaching or counseling process itself, and the session end times are estimates. A free grace period is often offered, in case additional time is needed.


Priority access by phone, encrypted email, video chat and direct communication.

What Stands Out? Or What’s Highlights Dr. Yazmine?

Dr. Yazmine’s unique skills, knowledge and intuition create a personal and confidential counseling and coaching experience.

She has provided services to clients worldwide using encrypted and confidential communication channels. She has received clients from Europe and Latin-American countries who are interested in her work with individual and her inspirational intensive workshops for couples. When clients are visiting the city of Miami and they receive the services, a follow up is always provided online, or by video chat, encrypted mails, and text messages.

For Yazmine, the sessions do not end with the last visit. She believes that follow-up sessions are very important to give continuity to the achievements in session. Coaching helps individuals and couples to continue the improvement of their well-being.

Her Goals

Dr. Yazmine aims to provide care, support, guidance, encouragement and cognitive and emotional resources to help you become a better version of yourself, to achieve your dreams, to improve your self-confidence and the quality of your relationships.

How You Get There?

With the use of psychological tools, you can get help in critical moments, related with work, concentration, motivation, self-confidence, relaxation, self-esteem, family and relationships.

When making decisions, it is important to have social and communication skills, a sense of security, a toolkit for conflict resolution and a considerable level of emotional awareness through the practice of emotional intelligence. Dr. Yazmine works with the belief system, with emotional regulation and motivation.

In addition to other therapeutic modalities offered by Dr. Yazmine, she has found great success with the use of EMDR, a therapeutic approach that achieves profound changes in the negative core beliefs that traditional talking therapy cannot achieve. As a professional, scientist and a professor in her areas of specializations. Dr. Yazmine maintains an updated level of training to provide the best quality and therapeutic modalities.

Dr. Yazmine specialties are:

COUPLES THERAPY (communication, infidelities, emotional and sexual disconnection, feelings of betrayal, sex addiction amont others)
Do you feel a disconnection in your relationship?
Do you feel not understood, not appreciated, not wanted?
Are you struggling with lack of trust, feelings of betrayed or insecurities in your relationship?
Do you avoid conflicts, or are you afraid of upsetting your partner?
Do you have resentments?
Do you want to say good bye and don’t know how? Do you feel confused?
Do you have doubt about your love for your partner?
Is the relationship living a stressing and overwhelming situation? Does the couple have difficulties dealing with this?

SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION (erectile dysfunction, sex addiction, low sexual desire, pain during sexual intimacy, vaginismus, premature ejaculation, delay ejaculation or other sexual concern that’s affecting your sexual health)
Do you feel dissatisfied with your sexuality?
Do you have difficulties in any of the phases of sexual response: desire, excitement, orgasm?

Do you often experience low desire or no desire for sexual activity?
Do you find that you avoid sexual activity altogether?
Does the couple feels stress due to lack of sexual intimacy?
Do you feel sexual intimacy is lacking in your relationship?
There’s love and affection, but no sexual intimacy? Do you have the feeling of living like roommates?

Do you feel overwhelmed?
Do you feel undervalued at work, or at home?
Do you feel irritated?
You don’t like who you see in yourself?
Do you feel out of control?
Do you have a lot of responsibilities and have the sensations of not having enough time to manage them?
Do you feel anxious about your personal life, your career, your relationship, your family, your career, and your social skills?
Do you have high expectations about yourself and feel insecure?
Do you feel that some of your essence has been lost in your relationship? Or at this time of your life?

Do you engage in a behaviors that makes you feel guilty?
Do you feel you cannot control a behavior that’s hurting you or others?
Do you avoid social situations?
Have you ever felt bad about your sexual behavior?
Has your sexual behavior created problems for you and your family?
Has sex been a way to escape your problems?
Do you spend great amount of time in a behavior that make your feel depressed afterward?

Do you feel unvalued?, worthless? Insecure? Do you have negative thoughts about yourself?




Contact me directly on my confidential line at (1)7862296947 to explore the possibilities of working together.

ELITE V.I.P CONCIERGE PLAN can be upgraded to WORLD VIP PREMIUM CONCIERGE PLAN if traveling is needed.

Plans of 1 – 3 - 6 months with different amount of hours are available.

Fees for WORLD VIP PREMIUM traveling and intensives sessions are determined by the location, day, time, and length of our sessions.

Concierge Therapy

  • Unique and individualized approach to mental health.
  • Counseling, psychotherapy and coaching at your fingertips.
  • Flexibility and accommodation for your busy schedule.
  • Confidentiality and discretion for your privacy.
  • Customized and individualized plan
  • Values: confidentialty, professional ethics and commitment

Are you concern about not accesing therapeutic services, counseling or services due to your lifestyle or status or work schedule, then this option may be for you. Call Dr. Yazmine Marimon to her confidential voice mail, or send her email to ympsychoherapy@gmail.com

Life can be challenge, and she knows it. Stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, codependency, addiction can get in the way of having a SATISFACTORY emotional life.

“When I’m with a client in session, I’m fully present. It’s my only way of feeling that I can connect and help. It’s important to build trust, to create a safe and non-judgmental environment for growth and personal transformation”. My intuition and knowledge allow me to provide constructive feedback to start unlocking emotional and mental blocks, create awareness, and integrate the whole to achieve life projects”. “We start this process together from the first session”
“My greatest reward is to see the authentic transformation in people’s life through the experience of therapy” “I belief in the human being as owners of their life and creators of their happiness”
“There are four pillars that hold a building: interdependence, confidence, trust and presence (from the inner essence of the person, to their relationships and to the rest of the world. "These pillars are also the basis for building an alliance where the client can feel supported and guided during the sessions”
Dr. Yazmine Marimon


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Yazmine has created individual and group workshops to learn about sex, sexuality and sexual intimacy. ...