Intimacy and Sexual Communication

“Intimacy may be genital. But not all genitality is at its essence”.

How to develop a consious sexual relationship?

Intimacy is a process of self-revelation. Ms. Marimon empowers each partner to become the best version of him or herself in their sexuality.

Lack of sexual intimacy is a way of disconnection for many couples. This sexual alienation may be related with core beliefs from childhood, previous experiences, values and fears.

Ms. Marimon has helped many couples to develop their sexual communication using Encountered Centered Couples therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, psychoeducation, the PLISSIT model and other sexual therapeutic techniques such as sensate focus.

How to transform sex in passion, pleasure or satisfaction?

For many couples this may be one of the biggest difficulties.

If this is one of you goals in your relationship, or if you would like to feel more connected creating a safe space in your relationship to develop sexual intimacy, call Yazmine for a consultation.

For more information about Building sexual intimacy using Centered Couples Therapy visit Intensive Couples section of this website.


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